In a world increasingly preoccupied with throwaway materialistic things; where people are constantly busy earning money to pay for those things, or so their children can have those things;
This is the story of my dreams of travelling the world by bicycle. Because it's there. And because I dont want to die without experiencing the truly important things in life .

A sense of wonder and a sense of adventure.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Lights At Night.

Can you believe it!!!

The police want to encourage cyclists to use lights at night. So what are they proposing with the help of the Nelson City Council??

Cyclist in Full Compliance.

They are giving cyclists caught without lights a free reflective vest and a set of lights! What ever happened to 'zero tolerance'. cyclists caught at night without lights should be ticketed just like any other road user. If you break the law you face the music.
I almost feel like switching off my lights so that I can collect my free vest and flashies, on the rate or tax payer I presume. I'm all for free stuff, but you shouldn't get it as a reward for breaking the law.

The cycleways are a death trap at the moment with unlit lower life forms all over the place. (and I don't mean just the dogs out exercising their owners)
Caught in the Headlamp beam before Impact." Look Mum No Lights".
Its been statistically proven that cyclists on average have a higher IQ than your average motorist. So give us the credit of knowing we have to have lights at night and fining those of us still struggling with the operation of our flashers and quick release levers.

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