In a world increasingly preoccupied with throwaway materialistic things; where people are constantly busy earning money to pay for those things, or so their children can have those things;
This is the story of my dreams of travelling the world by bicycle. Because it's there. And because I dont want to die without experiencing the truly important things in life .

A sense of wonder and a sense of adventure.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Vespa / Cycle to Picton

The day dawned clear and cool. The object was for me to cycle to the coastal town of Picton 130km's away and then back the next day. Normally a pretty easy undertaking but in winter it could have all gone horribly wrong if bad weather eventuated.

But no, the weather was spot on with no wind and happily no ice. Adi was to leave a couple of hours later on the Vespa and meet me for lunch half way there. I ended up leaving at 10am due to a lack of get up and go. Once on the bike though I felt good for an early season run. It really helped getting the heavy commuter wheels off my bike and putting on my sports wheels. Mercian just hummed along with the only nuisance being road sign men stopping me for road works. I don't like stopping for that sort of crap! I was a man on a bike with a mission. I did however have to stop to talk to a man with a 1961 kombi much like mine. After a quick sqizz at his splitty and being informed that my old bus was now worth 8x what I paid for it I was off again. I like my Vw because we've travelled together for quite awhile but really what sort of nutter would pay $40000 for an old van even if you can cook bacon and eggs in it.

Niel the Wheel by 2pm was beginning to get a bit peckish and Adi hadn't caught up on the Vespa yet. Adi was using my Vespa for this little jaunt because we thought her Vespa would be doing enough kms next year going around the world. I was worried she'd been delayed by police given the fact that I don't register my vespa. I don't register it because the authorities in good old NZ have taken it on themselves to try to tax scooters out of all existence. I however feel I'd rather pay the fine instead. So far I'm quids in. I do however warrant of fitness Grommet because I like a my motor to be top condition and safe at all times. And it's only small change for a wof check.
Adi on Grommet.

Adi finally caught up and a bit of nosh was had by all. I then finished the final kms to Picton and met my new nephew Rob. Who turned out to be a good chap and fairly well developed for a new nephew. After lifting me off the ground in a bear hug ( Aussies!) we headed off for a catch up as my brother had only mentioned Rob last year and we had 30 odd yrs unaccounted for. A bit too much drink and less than normal sleep made me a bit seedy the next day for my ride home. But with Rob's company for the first part it all went smoothly.

Early morning Ride with Rob.
We whizzed through the coastal bays totally unaware that at that time the great US had been DOWN GRADED!. What we were concerned about however was the down right shoddiness of rental bikes! Rob's bike wouldn't even stay in gear. As we see the US dollar fall through the floor and US petrol ( sorry Gas) prices sour we must think that there's always a bright side. One being that now Americans can enjoy the idea of getting out on their cycles more and two, that everyone else in the world will have cheaper overseas trips.

Great day for a Ride.

Adi once again caught up on the Vespa. She then got the jump on us over the next couple of coastal headlands before we reeled her in. Principally because she had waited for us to catch up. I think it's going to be hard yakker chasing that girl around the world next year. I suppose what doesn't break you makes you stronger.
Final Parting.
Rob had to then turn back. Adi and I continued on back to Nelson. The weather continued to be perfect and I hope Rob had a smooth ferry crossing back to the North Island.

Adi abandoned me next because she reckoned chicken woo and Bob would be hungry back home.

On my own I found some kind sole had poured me 3 glasses of wine and left me a bunch of flowers in the next bay. Nice but a block of chocolate would have gone down better. The worlds a funny place. It was national roast day but the roast was absent.

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